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Primx Prim'X Technologies is dedicated to designing, developing, and marketing integrated and comprehensive information protection solutions to effectively prevent unauthorised access to sensitive data whether local or remote, stored or exchanged.

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Our encryption software

    • To protect your data wherever they may be!
    • Encryption of data on workstations, laptops, servers, PDAs, etc.
    • Automatic, user-transparent protection
    • EAL2+ Common Criteria Certification
    • "In-place" encryption, on-the-fly
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  • Anti-theft encryption of your laptops Cryhod is a modern encryption software offering full-disk encryption of all your business's mobile workstations.
    With Cryhod, data can only be accessed by authorised users, duly authenticated at pre-boot.
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  • Encrypted containers for exchange or backup. Zed! lets you create and exchange encrypted data with your customers, suppliers or partners in complete simplicity. The containers may be compared to a "diplomatic bag" containing sensitive files that only identified recipients have the rights to access.
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  • Encrypted corporate messaging. ZedMail protects the confidentiality of data exchanged by e-mail. Integrated within your e-mail application, it automatically encrypts/decrypts the messages that you are used to exchanging with your colleagues, customers and all your partners.
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  • Encryption for data shared on Microsoft SharePoint ZonePoint ensures the encryption of all documents placed in SharePoint libraries, offering the layer of confidentiality that is crucial to any document sharing or data outsourcing project.
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  • ZoneExpress guarantees protection for your files against theft. It encrypts the hard disks of your computers in transparent, automatic and systematic fashion, allowing you to work as you're used to doing. The simplicity of ZoneExpress makes it a product that is perfectly suited to mobile workstations that are very often managed by the users themselves.
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Focus on mobile applications

Zonemobile for iPhone

Zed! for iOS lets you read your encrypted emails on your smartphone

The free Zed! application for iOS is fully integrated, making it the perfect way to provide continuous access to encrypted messages, from desktop to smartphone. When you receive an encrypted email on your smartphone, simply click the attachment and enter your usual password to read the content.
With Zed! for mobile, you can also open encrypted .zed containers stored anywhere.

ZoneMobile to access Encrypted Zones

ZoneMobile lets you read encrypted documents stored on a Microsoft SharePoint, WebDav or ShareFile (Citrix) server in Encrypted Zones managed by ZonePoint or ZoneCentral. ZoneMobile is available in the App Store. Android release scheduled for the second half of 2014.

Secret Notebook to protect your passwords

Wabiz protects your passwords by recording them in an encrypted secret notebook. You can also use Wabiz to exchange encrypted SMS messages between two smartphones. Wabiz is available on the App Store and GooglePlay (Android).

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