Terms and Conditions

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Personal data is stored in an internal database and is not subcontracted to a third-party. You are required to provide personal data during logon in order to be granted access to information about our products and their use, as well as obtaining updated or evaluation versions of our software. Your personal data will in no way be sold to third parties. Your personal data is only registered if you allow us to do so; in other words; when you request access to the restricted section of our website, if you fill in the contact form or when you submit a query (Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs) on our software.

Access your personal data
To facilitate your right of access to your personal data (under the French Law n°78-17 of January 6 1978 on information technology, files and civil rights), you can access your personal data by sending us an email (webmaster@primx.eu) or by writing at: Prim'X Technologies, 10 place Charles Béraudier, 69428 Lyon Cedex 03 - FRANCE.

There is a function called "cookies" on Internet Explorer which saves a small text file on your computer when you access our website. It is not essential to activate this function when visiting our sites. However, access to certain services, particularly in our restricted section, requires the use of cookies to function efficiently. The cookies in themselves do not provide any personal data. You may disable the "cookies" function of your browser if you wish.