ZoneExpress: Theft protection for your computer files

ZoneExpress offers protection for your files against theft. It encrypts the hard disk of your PCs transparently, automatically and systematically.

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ZoneExpress: theft protection for your computer files
Theft protection for your computer files
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ZoneExpress in detail

Theft protection for your computer files

ZoneExpress offers protection for your files against theft. It encrypts the hard drives of your PCs transparently, automatically and systematically, allowing you to work as you always have done. ZoneExpress is so easy to use and deploy, making it the perfect solution for mobile workstations!

Strong points

  • Extremely easy to use and deploy,
  • Totally transparent for the user,
  • Global encryption of your work space,
  • Use of password, PKI key, smartcards, tokens, biometrics,
  • Authorizes the use of workstations by several users,
  • Emergency recovery service if users forgetting their passwords,
  • Can be administered companywide,
  • Workstation administration by administrator without access to data.
Compare with the functionalities of ZoneCentral

Encryption of all files

ZoneExpress may be used to encrypt the entire Workstation but can also encrypt just selected volumes, profiles or folders. Files are permanently encrypted on the hard drive (no clear copy at a given moment). Swap files are also automatically encrypted.

On-the-fly encryption, transparent for users

The user accesses encrypted files as normal, with no specific action required. To decrypt the files that he accesses, the user needs only to enter his password at the start of the session or present an RSA key.

Access by RSA keys

Access to the workstation's encrypted files is obtained using an RSA key stored in a file (.pfx, .p7b), in a CSP container, a smart card or a USB token (PKCS#11). It is therefore possible to use the keys supplied with the PKI present in the company. ZoneExpress works with all the PKIs available on the market.

Zed! Encrypted Containers

These containers make it possible to exchange documents with a contact regardless of whether your contact is equipped with ZoneExpress. The documents contained in such a folder (comparable to a diplomatic bag) can be accessed using a password that has been agreed with the recipients, who may then add, modify or delete files in the container before returning it.

Data partitioning

The ZoneExpress technology provides new services that could not be proposed with the older generations of hard disk encryption products. The software admits guests (use by family members, colleagues, etc.), can accommodate multi-user workstations and can even make the workstation administrable by a third party (technical services, external maintenance companies, manufacturer repairs), without the latter having access to the protected data.

Company-wide administration possible

ZoneExpress can be administered either by a local action at workstation level or by centralized intervention via Windows GPO (Group Policy Object) mechanisms. The software is compatible with deployment technologies (remote installation) and with Terminal Server, and offers roaming profiles encryption, including on servers.


Operating system: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, Seven and Windows 8 (32bits and 64bits)
RAM: 256 MB
Processor: Pentium II 300 minimum
Disk space: 100 MB
User languages:  English,  French,  German,  Italian,  Dutch,  Spanish,  Japanese.



Technological, hardware and software compatibilities


  • PKCS#11
  • PKCS#12
  • X509
  • Microsoft CSP
  • LDAP
  • PKIx

Algorithms used:

  • AES (128 to 256 bits)
  • RSA (1024 to 4096 bits)


  • Windows, Novell and UNIX (NTFS & Samba).


  • Terminal Server and Citrix.

Tokens / smartcards:

  • ActiveCard
  • Aladdin
  • Axalto/GemPlus/Gemalto
  • Bull
  • Rainbow
  • ...any token complying with PKCS#11 standards


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Product Sheet

How to protect the content on notebooks and laptops. ZoneExpress! allows you to encrypt the data stored on your notebook/laptop and make it unusable if your computer is stolen.

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